Вышел Alloy Navigator Express 7

Alloy Software is proud to announce the immediate availability of Alloy Navigator Express version 7. This major upgrade offers numerous new features and improvements based on direct feedback from our customers. Here is a list of some of the changes in the new release:

Web Portal for Technicians

Nowadays IT personnel are on the move and their software has to move with them. In addition to our Mobile Portal, technicians now can use a fully-featured Web Portal. The Web Portal can be accessed from any computer, whether your technicians work at a customer’s site, from home, or other remote locations, without having to install client software.

Enhanced Self-Service Portal

The Self-Service Portal in version 7 has been completely redesigned. It features a new look-and-feel and is capable of adapting to high-resolution displays as well as tablet devices. Users can reserve equipment for special events or temporary use. When submitting tickets, users can relate incidents to the computers or other equipment that they own.

Mixed Licensing Model

The new flexible and cost-effective licensing model gives you the freedom to combine any number of named or concurrent users in a single deployment, based on your access scenarios, usage needs, and budget. In this model, concurrent licensing determines how many technicians are expected to log in at any given time, while named licensing reserves the ability for assigned managers to retain access even when the system is at the maximum concurrent users capacity.

Equipment Reservations

Alloy Navigator Express 7 streamlines the process of loaning out IT equipment for temporary use. The added reservation queue facilitates the allocation and smooth handling of high-demand items. Now users can see the availability of equipment and reserve it right from the Self Service Portal.


In Alloy Navigator Express 7 you can track not only computers and equipment, but also consumable materials and supplies, such as spare parts, printer ink, toner, keyboards, mouse devices, batteries, etc. This helps you be sure that the right amount of supplies is always in stock. You can even set up alerts to notify the appropriate staff when supplies must be reordered.


Save time and avoid typing in the same standard replies, troubleshooting recipes, or signatures. Build your own library of text fragments and reuse them when you update tickets, write knowledge base article, or communicate with others.

Printer Cartridge Information

Now you can easily see the level of ink or toner in your printers and receive e-mail notifications when the toner is running low. This helps you avoid costly downtime by having printer cartridges replaced in time.


Alloy Navigator Express 7 is immediately available for evaluation and purchase.

Customers with a current Software Maintenance & Support plan are eligible to purchase this upgrade with a significant discount (up to 50-70%). Please contact our sales team for further assistance.